Progressive Keno

September 2019
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Keno is one of the oldest games still preserved in modern casinos, without significant changes. The idea of ??the game is to choose between 1 and 10 numbers among 80 available. Then at the start of the game 20 winning numbers are selected at random and the winnings will be determined by the number of numbers you selected that are among the 20 winning numbers.

How to play

To play click on 1-10 screen numbers, which will be selected and marked in orange. If you wish to deselect one of them, click again on the number already selected. You can also let the system select the 10 numbers at random by clicking on the “CHOOSE RANDOM” button. If you wish to cancel all the selected numbers, click on the “CANCEL” button.

Then you can choose the “CURRENCY VALUE” with a value between US $ / € 0.05 and US $ / € 5.00. For this, click on the “+” or “-” buttons that will allow you to increase and / or decrease the value of the currency used in your bets.

Finally select the number of coins you want to bet between 1 and 5, for which you have two options: Click on the “BET ONE” button until you get the desired number of coins (Maximum 5), or click on the “BET” button MAXIMUM “to bet the maximum number of coins, with which the game will start automatically. If you used the “BET ONE” button to choose your bet then you must click on the “PLAY” button to start the game.

When the game starts 20 numbers of the possible 80 are randomly selected as the winning numbers, and all those numbers that have been selected that correspond to one of the winning numbers will be marked in yellow on both the Keno board and the ball of the winner. winning number Your prize will be based on the number of hits you have had and the number of numbers you have selected.

Payment table
You may notice that the payment table will vary depending on the number of numbers you select and the amount of coins wagered, as you modify one or both.

Progressive award
To be able to earn the accumulated must be betting 5 coins of US $ / € 1.00. If you meet these two things and hit the 10 numbers you will receive the accumulated progressive prize.

Game buttons

CANCEL: Deselect all numbers. You can also deselect a specific number by clicking on it.
CURRENCY VALUE – +: Increase or decrease the value of the coins in your bets.
CHOOSE RANDOM: Select 10 numbers at random. To change them click again achieving a new combination.
BET ONE: Bet only one coin. Click as many times as you want to bet.
MAXIMUM BET: Bet 5 coins.
PLAY: Make the draw of the 20 winning numbers.