Pai Gow Poker

May 2019
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Pai Gow Poker is an old Chinese combination of two games: Pai Gow and Poker, where the objective is with 7 cards weapons two poker games better than those of the bank.

How to play

You will be given 7 cards that you must split in two games. One of 5 cards (The highest) and another of two cards (The 2nd highest). The games are played and classified according to the normal poker rules with one exception: A2345 is the second highest straight. In addition, the five-card game must be better than the two-card game. For example if in your game there are a pair of jacks and a pair of 7, the pair of 7 must go in the 2nd highest and the pair of jacks must be in the highest.

To bet, click on the chip you want to use and then click on the area of ??the table marked “BET” in the center of the table, as many times as chips you want to bet. You can also reduce your bet by right clicking on the bet, as many times as chips you want to remove, or by clicking on the “DELETE” button, your bet will be completely eliminated. Once you have finished defining your bet, click on the “PLAY” button with which the cards will be dealt.

When you receive the 7 cards you must select two of them for the second highest game, for this click on the two cards you want to put there. You can also let the system select the second game for you in the way that it would. For this click on the button “THE BANK CHOOSES”. Once the two cards are chosen, the bank flips its artas in two games as well.

If both hands are better than both hands of the bank you win, if both are worse loses, otherwise it is a draw, in which case your money will be returned immediately. If one of your hands is equal to that of the bank, the bank wins. The wild card can only be used as Ace or to complete a ladder of any type. Given the amount of ties that are presented in this game, the bank charges a commission of 5% of the bet in each game that you win, only in those cases where you lose or tie this commission is not charged.

Game buttons

PLAY: With this button, the cards are dealt once your bet is placed.
DELETE: Remove your bet from the table.
THE BANK CHOOSES: The system automatically selects the two cards for the 2nd highest game.
REPEAT: Repeat the same bet of the previous game.
NEW: Start a new game.