Double dice, 3-reel, 1-line slots

August 2019
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When playing with our 3-reel, 1-line slot, the idea is to spin the reels and get a winning combination. The “CURRENCY VALUE” can vary between US $ / € 0.05 and US $ / € 3.00 and you have the possibility to bet between 1 and 3 coins. Your bet will correspond to the center line. Wins are recorded from left to right. The total of the gains depends on the figures that come out aligned. The “PAYMENT TABLE” will appear at the top of the screen or click on the “PAYMENTS TABLE” button to see all the combinations paid and the value of your prizes.

How to play.
Select the “CURRENCY VALUE” you wish to bet on each move: US $ / € 0.05, US $ / € 0.10, US $ / € 0.25, US $ / € 0.50, US $ / € 1.00, US $ / € 2.00 or US $ / € 3.00. Then select the number of coins you want to bet, for which you have several options: Click on the “BET ONE” button until you get the desired number of coins, or click on the “BET MAX” button to bet the maximum number of coins. coins, with which the rollers will start to spin automatically.

For example if the value of your currency is US $ / € 1.00 and you click on the button “BET ONE” 3 times, it means that you are betting US $ / € 1.00, 3 times and your bet will be US $ / € 3.00. You can also do it in a faster way by clicking on the button “BET MAX”, with which you will bet US $ / € 1.00, 3 times and your bet will be US $ / € 3.00.

All winnings are paid immediately.

Game buttons

TABLE OF PAYMENTS: Shows all the combinations paid and the value of their prizes.
CURRENCY VALUE – +: Increase or decrease the value of the coins in your bets.
BET ONE: Bet only one coin. Click as many times as you want to bet.
MAXIMUM BET: Bet 3 coins.
ROTATE: Spin the rollers.