50 Hand Video Poker

May 2019
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50 hands Video Poker is unique in our casino, and we have created 15 different versions of it, each with its own payment table. You can choose the “CURRENCY VALUE” between US $ / € 0.01 and $ 1.

How to play
This game is very similar to the traditional 1-hand Video Poker. When playing 50 hands Video Poker, the idea is to play with 5 cards and achieve at least the least combination of the table on which you are playing. For this example we will use the “Jacks or better” version, but remember that each of the 15 versions has a different payment table. In the case of “Jacks or better” the lowest possible combination is a single pair of minimum jacks.

Select the “VALUE OF THE CURRENCY” you wish to bet on each move: US $ / € 0.01, US $ / € 0.02, US $ / € 0.05, US $ / € 0.10, US $ / € 0.15, US $ / € 0.20 , US $ / € 0.25, US $ / € 0.50 or US $ / € 1. Then select the number of coins you want to bet on each of the 50 hands for which you have two options: Click on the button “BET ONE “Until you get the desired number of coins (Maximum 5), or click on the” MAXIMUM BET “button to bet the maximum number of coins, with which the cards will be dealt automatically. If you used the “BET ONE” button to choose your bet then you must click on the “RELEASE” button to have your cards dealt.

Once your first cards have been dealt, you will receive the same 5 cards in the 50 hands. Click on those you wish to retain and these will be marked with the word “HOLD” and will appear flipped in each of the 50 hands. You can choose from 0 to 5 cards. After having marked all those letters that you want to “HOLD”, click on the “ASK” button so that the letters that were NOT marked will be changed by new ones. The difference in this game is that you will receive new different cards in each of the 50 hands.

In general terms the idea is to improve the initial hand by retaining the best cards, and then ask for new ones hoping that they improve the combination. The payment table for the version you choose will always be displayed in the space on the left side of the cards.

Payment table for Jacks or better. Remember that we have 15 different 50-hand Video Poker versions in our casino, each with its own payment table.

Game buttons

CURRENCY VALUE – +: Increase or decrease the value of the coins in your bets.
BET ONE: Bet only one coin. Click as many times as you want to bet.
MAXIMUM BET: Bet 5 coins.
SPREAD: Deal the first 5 cards.
ASK: Change the cards that were not marked to retain.